About Us


About Us

Our goal is to become the premiere site where people go to understand and prospect for gold. We are continually adding interactive areas like our gold maps area, next we are looking to publish gold claims but we need your help. Help us by clicking the “Like” button or linking to us from another site. We are not charging anything for this site, we are just seeking to make it the best.

I started this project since I couldn’t find any really well put together and cohesive information on how to find and prospect for gold. I have done the footwork, talked to geologists, read dozens of books, and have decided to pull it down into one forum where people can learn where to find gold and the methodology which is most successful.

We are building a community where people can come and share their enthusiasm for gold prospecting, their secrets, where to find gold, methodology for finding gold, and recent gold finds. Please join us and add your experiences and questions.

If you have any questions about where to find gold or how to prospect please leave a comment. We will talk to our experts and find your answer




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