Where can you find gold? Just about everywhere these days.

The price of gold remains at historically high levels and this has created a new rush for gold. There are many old sites that are being looked at for “potential as new prospectors join the old. At north of $1500, new techniques for finding gold are helping to create a bonanza, even for old mines thought to be exhausted. In some instances the piles of spent tailings can be “leached” for gold. A process which allows to process to bond with an inert material.  New processes are meeting with the old and as such there are many new commercial and private mines springing up to take advantage of the price. These processes include:

  • Good old fashion panning
  • Sluicing
  • Dredging
  • Using metal detectors
  • Leaching
  • and a few others

Gold Prospecting Secrets has proven methods for finding gold as well as staking your claim. Given the access to newer methodologies and techniques, along with a poor economy, many people are taking their shot to find some gold.

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