Gold Rush California

california gold prospecting

California is once again seeing a new Gold Rush as is see from this article written by Ron Zurko from the Gold prospecting in California has once again become very popular.

“Gold Rush Alaska” is not only starting to make the mining teams see some profit, but amateur miners form all over are coming out of the woodwork and trying their luck at panning for some gold. One of the miners on the TV show, “Gold Rush Alaska” getting handed a $70,000 check for one week’s work last week, did a lot to help push the arm chair gold miner to their nearest gold deposits and give it a try. In this case it was in California were they swamped to the river beds, according to the Auburn Journal website.

Frank Sullivan’s store near the Bear River Campground in California, which keeps tourists supplied with basics for their amateur mining attempts, has seen a rise in sales on tools for the trade. The gold mining show from the Discovery Channel and a dip in the rivers, which is exposing much of the river beds due to a mild winter, has conjured up perfect conditions for the average guy to give panning for gold a try.

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