7 Secrets to Finding Gold

Gold In Quartz

The biggest question out there is “where to find gold”? There are no magic bullets when it comes down to finding gold but with the recent spike in gold prices it doesn’t take finding much gold to make an outing worth it. There are people who have quit their jobs to become full time prospectors. Either because they think they are going to strike it rich or because they have a tried a true method and at these prices they believe they can make a sustainable income. Those that do meet with success are almost always prepared ahead of time. And that points us to today’s post. The 7 secrets to Finding Gold. Lets get started shall we…


  1. Know Where to Look – Gold can be found just about anywhere on earth but you are most likely to find it where it has been found before or in some close proximity.
  2. Know How Read a Stream – Placer gold is sometimes carried down stream and deposited in the banks and sediment areas. As gold is much heavier than most surrounding material it will sink to the bottom and will be found in sedimentary deposits of rivers and streams.
  3. Learn Basic Geology – Gold is often found in conjunction with other metals, rocks, and metals. Knowing which ones it is found with is just as important as knowing which elements it is never found with.
  4. Know When to Look – Often time placer gold is dislodged from upstream veins from violent spring floods or torrential rain storms.
  5. Use the Right Methods – Costs continue to come down for metal detectors but the time honored method of panning is a great way to understand if gold is nearby. Those that have learned and have perfected panning can get through over a ton of material in a little over 20 minutes. There are other gold prospecting equipment such as gold metal detectors, gold panning supplies, and other equipment that can shorten the search time if you find a good area; but you must be in good area.
  6. Be Persistent – The top prospectors are persistent in their search and methodical. They use maps to identify areas but then they methodically attack a prospect area with dilligence.
  7. Know When To Stop – It is one thing to be persistent and yet quite another to be stupid. After exhausting these steps without finding any gold it may be time to move on. Of course, the best thing about prospecting is that you get to be in the great outdoors so don’t forget to have fun and enjoy.

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