How To Find Gold Using a Metal Detector

Gold Prospecting with Medal Detectors

Metal detectors are frequently being used to find gold. However, not all metal detectors are the same. There are metal detectors that use higher frequencies than others and there are different technologies that are employed by the metal detectors. Which ones are the best for finding gold? We explore this and more in our video and tutorial section.

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  1. steven graham
    6 years ago

    I’ve been mining the Florida beach waters for ten years, but I’m headed back to the real gold fields (still available) where I came from in the West. Big difference.

    • Bob
      6 years ago

      Steve, the west still has some great gold. Let me know if you are ever in San Diego to talk prospecting.

  2. Diraj
    6 years ago

    This is a good buy for the price,the GOLD DIGGER does what it claims to do.I took it to a local beach in my area i found aitnhyng from a penny to aluminum foil,some of the objects was small and about six inches or so deep.You do find a lot of trash but i found it to be very sensitive to objects of all metals when trash eleminator was off,but this way you miss nothing.Also it can detect larger objects at greater depths,it was fun to use and i recommend it to anyone.

  3. mkg
    6 years ago

    Try using the bounty hunter quick silver I picked up more decent metals with it than using my garrett ace or my 4 different whites I own