Stream Prospecting – Where to look for Gold in streams

It is important to really understand why streams and rivers have gold within them. Many times is because they intersect, at some point upstream, an ancient gold flow that has been broken down and sent down the stream. In many cases this process is an active process which means that with heavy flows during the rainy season or after snowmelt, new gold can be found where you had previously looked.
When looking in streams you need to look at the inside bends for sediment buildup. Now you must remember that gold is very heavy and will tend to sink to the bottom until a solid base or sometimes bedrock is found. Depending on the size of the creek or river, and depth you may have to dig to get toward that base. You may have to dig a good amount of sediment to get to the bottom. But there could be gold in sediment on the way down. So check on the way down. Also look for benches, that are deposits left by ancient flows or that were deposited during flood times. Benches may be above the creek bed. You need to look up the side of the hill. In my tutorial section we will go over this in detail. These are great areas for prospecting.
Bedrock is a natural area of hard rock that is impermeable. Look for bedrock in the creek/river or even on dry land. Bedrock can have cracks in it where gold has migrated to during rain flows. Use an appropriate tool to look in the cracks.
Join our tutorial section to get a great understanding of how to successfully prospect for gold.

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    Stay informative. Looking for gold in Cal now. , San Diego, yeah boy!